The Benefits of a Wellbeing at Work Week

Most people associate wellbeing with physical fitness, sweating for hours on end in the gym, and maybe the occasional yoga retreat. While physical wellbeing is important, so is emotional wellness. Many companies now run wellbeing weeks with the aim to raise awareness of both physical and mental wellbeing. How would your employees benefit from a wellbeing week?


You may have read somewhere about the rise of non-communicable lifestyle diseases, with diabetes in the lead. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is estimated to be 3.5 million and it is likely to rise (

Two of the leading causes of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases is the lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. Organizing a wellbeing week for your employees will get the discussion started and help them get moving so that they can take better care of themselves. If everyone in the team is well, absenteeism will be eliminated. Physical classes that we offer include yoga, pilates and yogalates. We also offer a nutrition class, discussing good eating habits.


With the advancement of technology, the workplace has changed dramatically. Employees are on call even when they should be resting which can lead to higher stress levels. From breathing techniques to mindfulness techniques, you can arm your staff with the know-how to keep their stress levels in check.


When someone feels good about themselves, they are likely to be less tense and therefore more approachable and open to communication with others. This results in less conflict and better team collaboration.


A Labour Force Survey conducted in 2016 found that 7.7% of the working population in the UK misses work for reasons associated with anxiety and depression. The Center for Mental Health notes that absenteeism alone costs the UK at least 8.4 billion pounds every year.

The figures do not take into account presenteeism, which is when a worker shows up for work but they are too ill to carry out their duties effectively. When happy and motivated your team are likely to go the extra mile and deliver their best.


At Joyful Living, our wellbeing weeks are customized to each client. We tailor the sessions to focus on issues that affect you and your employees on a day-to-day basis. Wellbeing weeks help teach and educate staff and should leave everyone feeling rejuvenated both in body and mind.