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About Us

  • Q. What is Joyful Living?

    Joyful Living is a market leader operating in the sector of corporate wellbeing, offering employee wellbeing services since 2012. We have a vast network of workshops trainers, instructors and therapists delivering a wide range of services for companies.

  • Q. What experience do you have in the industry?

    Since 2012 we have worked with 500+ clients, delivering thousands of bookings in offices and at events: from individual treatments, like therapies, classes, or workshops to organising comprehensive programmes for clients, such as wellbeing fairs, company wellbeing days and yearly wellbeing programmes. We have the most comprehensive offer, with over 100 services, which we regularly update following the most recent research in the corporate wellbeing sector.

  • Q. What clients do you work with?

    We work with clients from all industries, from Banking to IT, fintech, construction, logistics, law firms, marketing, public sector, the NHS, schools, universities and many more. Our clients span from big multinational to small businesses and some of the UK best 100 companies to work for. What they all have in common is an interest in promoting their employees’ wellbeing.

  • Q. Are you a professional organisation?

    At Joyful Living we are market leaders, with a vast network of practitioners and great experience at delivering wellbeing services since 2012. We have all procedures in place to deliver each booking in a smooth and professional way, from professional qualifications to insurance, risk assessment, data protection and more.

  • Q. Where do you operate? Which areas do you cover?

    We offer onsite wellbeing services all over the UK. For online services we deliver them to international clients with offices worldwide.

  • Q. Do you offer online services as well as in person?

    With the help of technology most of our services can be delivered both online and onsite. You can read more details about both options visiting our individual services pages.

  • Q. How are online workshops generally delivered?

    Online workshops are delivered through video software like Zoom, MS Teams or company preferred software. A link is shared with participants beforehand.

  • Q. How do I book a service?

    Contact us to tell us about your specific requirements and arrange a booking.

  • Q. What are the payment options?

    Payments are made online via credit card or bank transfer. For one-off bookings we need an upfront payment, for regular clients we send an invoice every month.

  • Q. Do you offer discounts?

    Definitely, we have discounted rates for regular bookings and even for one-off bulk bookings. Call us or Get in touch 020 36919 420 |

  • Q. Do you have any Covid-19 procedures?

    Depending on the government guidelines in your area, many of our services are available at your place of work including classes, massages and workshops. All of our onsite services follow new safety measures including the use of social distancing, PPE, and sanitisation.

    All of our practitioners will have to take a Lateral Flow Test the day before of the booking. On the day of the booking, all practitioners who visit your workplace will follow the safety precautions set out in the government guidelines, in addition to any safety measures put in place by the client. These may include: procedures, social distance, sanitising office areas, providing hand sanitizer stations, and sufficient space for appointments to be conducted whilst respecting distance.

    Our massage therapists have undergone an online Health, safety and Hygiene Returning to Work Covid-19 course. Therapists will wear face visors and sanitise equipment after each client. For yoga and classes social distance is in place and mats are provided by each participant. During workshops, social distancing is in place between participants and the trainer. No physical handouts are provided, but they are sent online instead.

    Joyful Living practitioners, as well as participants to any of the services, are expected to follow all government guidelines. This includes communicating if they have developed COVID-19 symptoms and self-isolating. Should a practitioner be unable to attend, we

Workshops / Mindfulness

  • Q. Where are your workshops held

    Workshops are held either onsite or online via video software

  • Q. Are your presenters qualified?

    Our workshops presenters are experts in their field, fully qualified and insured, with extensive experience at delivering workshops for corporate clients nationally and internationally. Their quality is reflected in the excellent feedback we receive.

  • Q. What’s the structure? What do you learn?

    You can find details of each workshop on individual workshops pages. For additional information on the content and structure, please contact us

  • Q. What Equipment is needed?

    For onsite workshops the presenter would normally need a room with a screen for Power Point or projector with HDMI cables for Mac or a flip chart. Online workshops are delivered through video software, participants will need Internet access plus a computer or other device.

  • Q. How many people can attend?

    It depends on each workshop. You can find details on individual workshops pages for both onsite and online options.

  • Q. How long is a workshop?

    Most workshops are 1 hour long, whilst some can be 90 minutes long. However, workshops’ length can be tailored to the client’s needs, so we can deliver workshops of 30, 45 minutes or bespoke ones lasting multiple hours, half or full day.

  • Q. Can I have a bespoke content?

    Definitely. We can adjust our content, focus on specific themes or create new programmes on topics of your interest. Also, we have such a wide range of  workshops that you can be interested in various aspects of the same topic, for example regarding  nutrition.


  • Q. How many treatments can be done in a day?

    We have a 6-hour day. With 15-minute slots a therapist can do 24 treatments in a day, with 20-minute slots they can do 18. Desk Massage is 10 minutes long so therapists can do up to 36 treatments each in a day.

  • Q. How do you structure a day?

    You can start at any time you want, every 2 hours therapists have a break of 30 minutes, free of charge for the client.

  • Q. Do therapists bring any equipment?

    Yes, therapists bring all the necessary equipment to your workplace. For onsite chair massage they bring a special ergonomic chair, plus wipes, hand sanitiser, medical forms and music to play. For Desk massage no chair is required.

  • Q. How much space do I need? What do I need to provide?

    For chair massage the space requested is minimal, all you need is a small size meeting room or an open area of about 2×2 m for the therapist to move around while massaging.

  • Q. How to organise an Office Massage

    It’s very simple, after contacting us and finalising a booking we send a therapist on your preferred date. You just need to organise a space, greet the therapist when they arrive on the day and provide a list of participants.

  • Q. What happens in an Office Massage?

    A therapist is sent to the workplace, arriving 20 minutes before their start time to setup. Before the treatment the therapist will ask each person to fill a medical consultation form to check contraindications and they will discuss areas that need more attention. At the end of the treatment clients feel more relaxed, physically and mentally.

  • Q. Are therapists qualified and insured?

    Certainly. All massage therapists to operate in the UK require professional qualifications and insurance. All our therapists are experts in their field, members of Professional Bodies, with training in multiple techniques and years of experience. We check all certificates and insurance, skills and make sure all therapists are professional and personable.

  • Q. How do I know your therapists are good?

    In our selection process we assess therapists’ qualifications, experience and skills. Our practitioners are highly trained, experts in their field and they have worked with hundreds of clients. This is reflected in the excellent feedback we receive.

  • Q. What areas do you cover?

    We deliver onsite massage services nationwide, from the main UK towns to rural areas.

  • Q. Are there any travel costs?

    For some locations or specific hours we might need to add travel costs, which will be discussed and arranged with the client beforehand. We always aim to keep travel costs to a minimum, as much as we can.

  • Q. Are there contraindications to massage?

    Yes, despite its numerous benefits there are conditions for which massage is not recommended. All therapists undergo a thorough training on contraindications as part of their qualification. After discussing a medical consultation form with each client therapists might assess the situation and decide that it is not in the interest of clients and theirs to proceed. This is a positive thing as it will avoid worsening a client’s existing condition.

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Company Wellbeing Days

  • Q. How is a wellbeing day organised?

    During a wellbeing day we organise a series of activities depending on the number of staff, company goals and specific requests. Normally we offer ongoing treatments to promote physical and mental relaxation, yoga and fitness classes for physical wellbeing, employee health checks and educational workshops on specific topics to raise employee wellbeing awareness.

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