Get Your Employees Moving to Counter Sitting all Day

There are many studies highlighting that sitting all day long is bad for you. However, most office workers are not only sitting down all day at work, they are sitting down when they commute and when they get home.

From heart problems, to back problems, to sciatica to digestion problems. Sitting down all day is not healthy, but how do you help your staff get moving?

Promote Using The Stairs

If you’re office has more than one floor, promote the benefits of skipping the lift and taking the stairs instead. It won’t replace an hour of exercise, but it will keep your employees healthier, giving them the chance to stretch their legs and get their lungs working.

Organise A Sport

Many companies organise sports teams from netball to football, to a badminton or squash league. Delegate the job to someone in your company who is into sports and wants to participate. That way they’ll make sure to drive the intuitive and get others involved.

Arrange Onsite Yoga Classes

With employees feeling the pressure of not being away from their desk for a long time, holding classes in-house, just for staff will encourage them to participate and not eat into their day.

At Joyful Living, we offer a range of one hour classes including, yoga, pilates and yogalates. These classes are designed to help those that sit all day stretch out their limbs and help with their posture. We work around the client’s schedule, be that holding the classes before work, during lunch, or after work.

Run A Workshop On Desk-Based Exercise

If your staff members really struggle to fit in a class, even when onsite, then we find that our desk-based workshop helps educate them to the benefits of undertaking some form of exercise at their desk.

In our workshop, we demonstrate a whole of desk exercises, many of which are modifications of pilates and physiotherapy exercises. The aim is to equip your staff members with quick exercises they can do that will help release tension that can build up in the muscles when sat down all day.

Sitting All Day Leads To Sick Days

The more active you help your staff be, the less likely they are to need sick days from ailments relating to their sedentary lifestyle. Let’s get moving!

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