How to introduce meditation at work

When some of the world’s most influential business leaders tout meditation as the secret to their success, it’s time to take note. LinkedIn Executive Chairman, Jeff Weiner, blocks out time in his calendar each day “just to think” and describes meditation as the “single most important productivity tool.”

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff started meditating early in his career to relieve stress3 and was so taken with the practice he introduced a “mindfulness zone” on each floor of Salesforce HQ. A self-confessed “big proponent of formal meditation”5, Oprah Winfrey has credited meditation with helping her create her best work and best life.

The benefits of meditation

The reason the likes of Weiner, Benioff, and Winfrey are such vocal advocates of practising meditation is that it has been linked to a host of benefits including lower blood pressure, increased empathy, and the potential to decrease anxiety. Plus, in relation to the workplace, studies have shown that meditation can lower stress levels, promote creative thinking, and boost productivity.

Meditation in a time of Covid

Introducing meditation to your remote workforce has just got a whole lot easier as we’ve taken our hugely popular corporate meditation services online. As a result, you can continue to support your workers’ physical and mental wellbeing no matter where they’re currently based. Our online meditation classes are delivered on Zoom, led by fully qualified teachers, and, lasting between 30 and 45 minutes, are easy to fit into the working day. The virtual sessions will take your people through a range of techniques designed to develop focus and awareness in order to bring mental relaxation.

With a reported 69% of employees experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home, meditation has never been more important. Suitable for all levels, our classes are an antidote to stress and beneficial for the whole mental wellbeing.

“Nisha and her staff are always incredibly accommodating and helpful, offering first-class wellbeing services and becoming adaptable during remote working. The Mindfulness/Meditation sessions receive particularly positive feedback from staff. Thank you!”Amanda Bailey

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