How to keep productivity high in the run up to Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner the festive atmosphere, along with general excitement and merriment, is growing.  However, for many businesses the build up to Christmas is a tricky one, not only is it a potentially lucrative time of year it is also possibly the least productive.

So how do you keep your employees focused on the job at hand and not on the mince pies and Santa?

  1. Set a challenging goal – it’s easy to put things off until the New Year or push things through in November… This just makes it easy for everyone to put their feet up in December.  So if you’ve got a big project or a team goal then don’t forget about December.  Set a challenging, but achievable target, that involves all team members.  This will help to keep focus throughout the month.
  2. Food – it is very easy to over indulge at Christmas and stuff yourself with naughty (but nice) treats. There is a direct link between nutrition and productivity, while we’re not suggesting you ban mince pies or chocolates all together, why not supply some alternatives and help your employees stay healthy (and productive).
  3. Manage stress –while Christmas is a magical time of year full of festive cheer and celebrations, for many it is a time of stress and worry. In fact, according to the Stress Management Society, one in 20 people considers Christmas more stressful than a burglary. As an employer there are many ways you can help to reduce stress in general, not just at Christmas. Allowing people time to switch off, measuring outputs not inputs, creating a culture where it is ok to talk are just a few. Getting professional help is another option, for example we run a stress management workshop, which will help employees monitor and control their stress levels thought out the year not just at Christmas
  1. Reward success – Christmas is a great time to celebrate successes both at an individual and team level. If you’re looking for something a bit different as a way to say ‘thanks’, why not make your Christmas party extra special and treat the team to a relaxing massage or pamper session before the big event… If that’s not your thing how about an invigorating Indian head massage the day after the celebration, one way to get everybody’s head back on the job at hand.
  2. Flexible timings – everybody needs to shop for presents and spend more time with friends and family during December. One way to help reduce the tension between home and work obligations is to have some flexibility around working hours. For example, let people leave early/start late/take a longer lunch one day a week during December so they can buy presents, meet friends, watch their child’s school concert etc.  This will help to reduce stress levels and therefore make them more productive.Christmas is a time of year when employee productivity tends to be at its lowest.  If you want to help keep your employees’ motivation during the run up to Christmas then follow our tips, set a challenging goal, help them eat well and manage their stress and don’t forget to reward success, maybe with a massage or two, or with a more flexible working pattern.
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