Mental Health Awareness – Online, the new normal.

Mental health awareness week is fast approaching, beginning on the 18th May 2020. It’s at this time of year that we normally share our top tips on how you as an employer can help the mental wellbeing of your employers, where we offer our range of on-site services such as massage, yoga and wellbeing workshops. Activities all designed with the wellbeing of your staff in mind.

But, not to state the obvious, current events have made these face-to-face interactions sadly impossible. However, while we aren’t able to meet in person to deliver these services, the need for them not only remains but has greatly increased in these unprecedented times (sorry so wanted to avoid that currently overused word).

I could write a seemingly endless list of the ways in which lockdown can and is impacting your employees. I know in the past few weeks I’ve struggled with looking after my children while also running a business, not to mention the challenge of homeschooling, concerns about financial wellbeing, the lack of social interaction or the ability to see and lean on my normal support network of friends and family. And I am just one person. These thoughts and feelings will be echoed and amplified across the country.

It’s also not just those that are working, any members of staff that have been furloughed will still be facing many of the same challenges, plus others unique to their situation. The additional worry about what happens to their job when this is over, the potential financial worry about surviving on a reduced salary and for some the lack of routine or anything to occupy their time will be negatively affecting them.

As a wellbeing provider, it’s something that we couldn’t ignore, our clients and their employees need our services more than ever. To support you all during this challenging time we’ve created a range of online wellbeing services, from yoga, pilates and fitness classes to more tailored wellbeing workshops covering positive thinking, nutrition, financial wellbeing and resilience.

These are all available online and can be delivered in small or large groups. Whether you want to offer a financial wellbeing talk to your furloughed staff, a positive thinking session to a specific department or some laughter yoga to help relieve stress, these initiatives will all help your employees’ wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss how we can help please do get in touch. It is easy to become isolated in our own houses and lose the connection to the outside world, bringing your staff together will help them to reconnect with each other, maintain relationships and hopefully help to alleviate their worries and concerns.

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