Office massage In London and the UK– taking the pain away from employee wellbeing

Us humans haven’t evolved as quickly as the world around us, we’re built to run and hunt, not to sit and type.  All this time sitting, in what for us, is an unnatural position has an impact on our bodies.

It’s not surprising that back and neck pain is on the increase, as more and more of us spend the majority of our working day sat at a desk.  Things are improving there are any number of tools and gadgets to help you have a better working posture and support weak joints etc.. from back supports and foot rests to seats shaped as balls and desks where you kneel or stand.

With employee wellbeing moving up company agendas it’s therefore not surprising that our on-site massage service is our most popular.  As organisations try to help ease aching backs, relieve tension and reduce stress.  All of which will have a positive impact for both employee and employer.

We take away the pain

We want to make the experience as easy and pain free for those organising, as for those attending.  Simply pick a date, time and location and that’s as complicated as it gets. Thanks to our ergonomic chairs we can massage anywhere, without the need to remove any clothing or use oils.  So, if you’ve a small space without any meeting rooms, not a problem.  If you’ve got a busy customer service department or sales floor, we can conduct massages at desks.  If you’re attending or running an event and want to offer something a little bit different, again not a problem we can take our chairs anywhere.

Easy payment options

We have a number of ways to pay, while we’re sure that most organisations would love to totally fund the session, we realise that budgets don’t always allow this.  Therefore our services can be paid for in three ways.  Totally funded by the employer with no cost to the employees, employees pay for the full cost themselves, or an even split with the company subsidising 50% of the cost.  Whichever way you decide, our aim is to make it as easy for you as possible. We can invoice you and you can take it from paychecks, or we can send information for your staff to pay via PayPal, reducing the administrative burden substantially.

Admin free appointment bookings

For many of our customers their initial reluctance to organise such initiatives was the time it would take to organise appointments.  With our online booking system, your employees can see time slots available, book and pay for them all online.  We simply provide you with a link to share with your staff and the rest is up to us.

Much, much, more…

While on-site massage is our most popular service, it’s not all we do. Our yoga, Pilates, Thai chi and other fitness instructors can run a class at a time and location of your choosing. We can also run workshops lasting from an hour to half a day covering a variety of topics such as Stress Management, Mindfulness and Time Management.

We’re passionate about wellbeing, and helping organisations, big and small, look after their employees from the inside, out.  Get in touch today and see the benefit of massage for yourself. 

What areas are covered?

Joyful Living offers workplace massage in London and the UK, including main cities and other areas. If you’d like to know more about corporate massage for your team and your workplace then please don’t hesitate to speak to our team of consultants who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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