The benefits of exercise

Us humans weren’t built to sit at desks, we’re meant to be running and hunting.  So it’s no surprise that the hours we spend seated in front of computers isn’t physically, or mentally great for us.

From back issues to stress the modern world of work has all kinds of negative effects on us.  Now, exercise isn’t a quick fix for all these problems, BUT it can help.  The 25th September is National Fitness Day and by that, we don’t mean a chance for us to all don a fetching lycra outfit and do some synchronised aerobics.  It is is a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping to raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles.

So, how does fitness, that is a physical activity can help within the workplace?

Get moving

As we said at the beginning sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for us and can lead to back, neck and shoulder problems.  Getting moving and away from your desk is a good way to combat this. A high kicking aerobic class isn’t perhaps the best option for everyone. However, gentle exercise that helps to stretch muscles and strengthen the core such as yoga or Pilates will help to improve posture and reduce the impact of sitting all day. Read more about the benefits of yoga in the workplace…


Not all physical activities need to be heart-pumping, sweat-inducing ones.  Any activity counts, even something as calming as yoga. According to the latest figures from the Health & Safety executive, over 11 million working days are lost to stress each year, at a cost of £5.2 billion. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, by concentrating on breathing and taking time to stop and relax all contribute to less frazzled employees.  Read more about how you can help to reduce employee stress

Improved productivity and morale

Any activity that employees do together that isn’t 100% related to their job helps to build stronger relationships between colleagues, which in turn create a better working environment. Taking part in a fitness class or playing a team sport together is no exception, it will have a positive impact within the office, for all involved.

General wellbeing

Sport or being active in any shape or form as well as being good for you physically has a positive mental impact too.  Being active releases endorphins in the brain which give you that feel-good feeling, it’s why you feel that sense of satisfaction after a gym class or going out for a run. From a workplace point of view, it is also a good way for your employees to take yourself away from their normal day-to-day activity, time to relax (if that is possible while exercising!!), to not think about the day job, a chance to do something just for them. These are all things that are good for people’s general wellbeing. Read more about employee wellbeing

However you get moving, get moving.  Here at Joyful Living, we have a range of specialist instructors who can deliver in-office classes across the UK.  So get in touch and see how we can help.

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