Smoothie Bikes for corporate events

As a company you might always be searching for ways to promote employee wellbeing. And you want to do so in an engaging way. You might have tried massage, classes, workshops, but have you ever tried smoothie bikes? They are an extremely popular corporate activity, in offices or at events.

In fact, smoothie bikes promote exercise and healthy nutrition, in an engaging way, with participants enjoying some healthy competition, in a fun atmosphere. The result is to create a buzz wherever you need it.

​​What is a smoothie bike

Let’s take a look at what Smoothie bikes are. They are stationary bicycles, with a blender attached over the front wheel, which use the mechanical power of pedalling to make juices. Fruit and vegetable are placed into the blender jug and after 1 minute of pedalling a healthy, nutritious smoothie is ready.

How to use a smoothie bike

Everyone can use it. Participants place the fruit or vegetables in the blender, sit on the bike and pedal for 1 minute. Not only do they engage in some healthy exercise, but they also get to drink a healthy juice in the end, with no environmental impact, as the power is generated by their own legs! In any case, our experienced staff will be onsite to assist on the day, helping you set up, engaging participants and making sure the event goes… smoothly.

What is a smoothie bike challenge

A smoothie bike challenge is a popular activity in the workplace to engage employees. Whilst employees make their own smoothie by pedalling these special bikes, they can also have some healthy competition with their colleagues. In fact, the bike measures the distance each participant has covered and the best performances are displayed on the leader board, adding a fun element. And for the ones who don’t want to race, they are always welcome to blend a smoothie in their own time.

Why hiring a smoothie bike

Smoothie bikes offer a unique way to engage employees in an activity combining fun and entertainment, exercise and healthy nutrition. For all these reasons, smoothie bikes are guaranteed to be popular among employees, helping promote a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. They are also ideal for events, to attract customers and promote your brand. Here some reasons to hire a smoothie bike:

  • Encourage exercise
  • Promote healthy nutrition
  • Engage your team
  • Attract participants at events
  • Promote your brand in a positive way
  • Eco friendly initiative

Where to have a smoothie bike

Smoothie bikes are ideal for offices, but also extremely popular at events. In fact, they are a great addition to any event, like shows and exhibitions. The sight of bright bikes and healthy smoothies attract visitors and bring smiles to your audience, creating an excellent chance to promote your brand in a positive way. Our smoothie bikes can be branded at your request.

Smoothie bikes are also ideal to promote wellbeing events in schools and communities, where they can encourage young people to embrace healthy nutrition and exercise.

Where can I hire a smoothie bike

Joyful Living provide smoothie bikes in offices and at events. To hire a smoothie bike please contact us at info@joyful-living.co, one of our consultants will be happy to provide all the information you need to help you arrange your event.

Where do we work

We provide smoothie bikes throughout the UK, travelling to offices and events, for single events or multiple locations and days. Contact us to let us know about the location of your event. Check our smoothie bikes page for more information.

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