How Office Massages Can Help with Common Muscular-Skeletal Issues

In today’s modern work environment many of us spend hours at a desk; either at home or in an office; and this can take its toll on our muscles and musculoskeletal health. The fact that office or home working results in a lot of sitting down and being still, combined with potentially poor posture and the repetitive movements and nature of office work, can lead to a range of muscle-related issues.

Within this post, we discuss some of the common muscular-skeletal issues that are associated with office work and how having a massage at your desk can address specific issues that you may have.

Common Muscular Issues Associated with Office Work

Office work often means hours spent sitting at a desk, which can lead to a range of musculoskeletal issues. Common problems include neck and shoulder pain and upper cross syndrome. This can be because of many reasons, including poor ergonomic setups with chairs and desks not being at the right height and this can increase these issues by putting strain on the spine and joints. This can result in stiffness, aches, tension and headaches.

Muscle-related issues also come in the form of repetitive tasks, such as typing or using a mouse; and these can lead to overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.

Lower back pain is another muscular issue among office workers caused by sitting; again, for extended periods of time; potentially without adequate support. This can strain the muscles and ligaments in the lower back, leading to discomfort and tension; weakening the muscles in the legs and hips which can cause issues like hip flexor tightness and knee pain.

Additional effects of screen time and sedentary lifestyle

In addition, excessive screen time can contribute to eye strain and headaches. Sitting behind a desk in an office or working from home can mean that you sit still for a great amount of time and therefore, lack of movement and physical activity can be another cause for muscular issues with muscles becoming weak and tight as a result, causing pain and discomfort. Over time, these issues can develop further into chronic conditions that impact your overall well-being and productivity within the workplace.

Ways to manage tension and long-term consequences

There are several ways to manage these issues and prevent long-term damage. It is important for companies and individuals to prioritise ergonomic setup; and by this, we mean making sure the desk, chair and laptop are set up correctly and at the right height and angle.

Employees should also make sure to move their body; by taking breaks, stretching at the desk and moving away from the desk to do some physical activity.

Including some form of physical activity, such as yoga and fitness classes into the working day as part of employee engagement is also extremely important to promote employee wellbeing.

Yoga in the office

Office Massages Can Address Muscular-Skeletal Issues

Office massages are an ideal way to join both physical and mental relaxation, reducing and preventing stress and injuries. They are the ideal solution for addressing musculoskeletal issues and can easily and quickly address areas of tension and stiffness and alleviate muscle strain, reduce headaches, discomfort and offer some relaxation in what for a lot of us busy working days can be. Regular massage sessions can help prevent chronic conditions like neck and back pain and can improve circulation, flexibility and release those tight muscles, resulting in your working day being a little more comfortable.

Office massage on chair

Holistic benefits of Office Massage

As well as muscle-related benefits, there are also therapeutic benefits of massage including mental relaxation, release and rejuvenation and stress relief, creating a healthier, happier and more productive work environment and workforce. Our office massages range from 15 – 30 minute sessions so can easily be fitted into your busy day, and we only need a 2 x 2m area. We don’t use oils and there is no need to remove any clothing. They really are that easy.

Benefits for companies that offer workplace massage

Companies that have office massages as part of their wellbeing programs empower staff and create a happy, motivated and productive workforce and increase productivity. Massages help reduce muscle tension, headaches and stress, and improve overall wellbeing. By providing this benefit, companies demonstrate a commitment to their employee’s satisfaction and attracting new talent and retaining existing talent becomes easier. In addition to this, office massages can boost self-esteem, teamwork and create a positive work environment.

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