Get Your Staff in the Christmas Party Mood With Office Massage

For many companies, December is a busy month. Not only are you trying to meet financial targets but you’re also having to forecast for the next year, and you may even have staff performance reviews to undertake… not to mention having to fit in those pesky Christmas parties.

Parties and corporate events are essential for staff to come together, relax and team-build. They build goodwill among staff and help forge or cement working relationships. So how can you make your parties even more special and ensure your employees are energised… not just wishing they didn’t have to mingle with colleagues on their night off? We say, bring on the massage!

Various Christmas Party Options

We have clients that offer their staff massages on the day of their Christmas party – either paid for by the company as a thank-you or just organised, with staff paying. From desk massages that take just ten minutes, to twenty-minute onsite chair massages in a special ergonomic chair. The beauty of these two massages are that staff remain clothed and no oils are used. Both massages focus on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp and leave employees more relaxed and energised.

We have other clients who make our services a feature of their event. Staff can pop along and enjoy a massage during the course of the evening. This adds a fun and interesting dynamic to your event and works well for those staff that struggle to relax. Our Reflexology service and our hand and feet massages work really well for this. Staff can still sit and chat to each other while being pampered. Who doesn’t want that?!

In addition, we have some clients that arrange for our services for the day after a big event. This is because they know that massages are great for helping with fatigue and bring a level of alertness. Just what the Dr ordered after a late-night.

Joyful Living offers workplace massage in London and the UK, including main cities and other areas. If you’d like to know more about corporate massage for your team and your workplace then please don’t hesitate to speak to our team of consultants who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Office Chair Massage           Indian Head Massage          Desk Massage

Not Just Massage

As well as massage, we offer a range of beauty services which we can deliver at your offices so staff can get preened and prepped for the night ahead. This includes manicures, pedicures, hair and make-up. Make this year’s Christmas party or event one to remember. Learn more about our massage services for events here.

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