Why you Should Invest in Employee Wellness

Google has stubbornly refused to give up its “Best Employer” status. Year in year out, the tech titan emerges first or a close second depending on your information provider. How does the company do that? Well, apart from enticing remuneration, the tech giant has made employee wellness a top priority by removing any hurdle that could make their staff unproductive.

Employee wellness has an impact on how your company performs. While giving your employees competitive salaries may work until the next big thing comes along, investing in your employee’s health and wellbeing will go an even longer way in keeping them.

What can you do to retain the best staff and ensure they are performing at their very best? Being emphatic and offering flexible hours to accommodate personal needs are both a good place to start. However, these are pretty common now and more companies are implementing ongoing employee wellness programs. Below are some ideas that you can implement on a regular basis.

Onsite Massage

What is more relaxing than a massage in the middle of a stressful day? Health gurus have preached that sitting down for long hours is harmful to the back and by extension, the neck, and eventually the entire body. Massage relieves stress by encouraging blood flow and relaxation. You will be surprised by the impact a 15-minute massage can have on staff productivity.

At Joyful Living, we offer a range of massage services from bringing along our own ergonomic massage chairs, to massage tables, to giving massages at the employee’s workstation.

Yoga Classes

Yoga has many benefits. Not only can it help with posture, helping to relieve back pain caused by long hours sitting in the office but it also helps in many other ways. It is known to calm the nervous system, boost emotional stability and reduce stress. Less stressed employees are more productive, more creative and better team players, not taking their built-up stress out on each other.

At Joyful Living, we offer a range of classes including different types of yoga, as well as pilates and yogalates.

Mindfulness & Mediation Classes

Oprah Winfrey has long been extolling the benefits of meditation for while and for good reason. Calming the mind and giving room to just be reduces stress and can open up employees to be more aware. With absenteeism a large cost for many companies, mindfulness and meditation can go a long way in reducing staff absenteeism, which is a huge cost for many companies. Find out more about mindfulness here.

Making Employee Wellness A Priority

The bottom-line for any employer is productivity, If your staff are happy, then they work much better, and the company benefits. The greatest CEOs of all times believe in investing in their workforce, so making these simple yet powerful habits the culture of your organisation could see you reap significant benefits. Who knows, they could even earn you “Employer of The Year” title one year?

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