Increasing Employee Productivity through Nutrition

The wellness of your employees affects your company. From their stress levels to their physical wellbeing.  Healthy employees not only cost less in terms of time for sickness, they are generally more productive which is why good nutrition is so important.

Good nutrition equals 20% increase in productivity

In fact, The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%. Imagine what a 20% increase in productivity could do for the bottom line of your company?

With that in mind, many companies are actively trying to help their employees make better decisions when it comes to nutrition. As well as boosting productivity, eating well can improve concentration and enhance energy levels – a benefit for both the company and the employee.

Below we discuss three ideas on broaching the subject of nutrition with your employees, all while avoiding coming across as though you are encroaching on their personal lives.

Only supply healthy meals

If your company has a cafeteria or orders in food for meetings we suggest you review the menu choices. We have seen clients move from ‘pizza’ meetings to supplying fresh, organic catering for their employees. There may be a little resistance at first, but your team will adjust and you never know, they may find inspiration for their meals at home.

Hold a nutrition workshop

At Joyful Living, we run a one-hour nutrition workshop. We cover practical tips and dietary advice that can be incorporated into everyday life. During the workshop, we explain the many benefits of a healthy diet and the risks of a poor diet. For instance, poor nutrition can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and no one wants either of those.

Put together a company cookbook

Putting together a cookbook as a company has so many benefits. Not only are employees sharing their healthy recipes with each other, they are uniting together as a team to create something special. In addition, you can publish a company cookbook as a fundraiser, which really gets everyone onboard and in the team spirit.

Moving forward

Employee wellness is a huge issue nowadays and it is only right that nutrition is part of that.  Not only will providing guidance on diet be beneficial for your employees and their own lifestyles and health,  it will also be beneficial to your company. A 20% increase in productivity would impact any company’s bottom line.

At Joyful Living we offer corporate nutrition workshops and virtual cooking classes. Contact us to know more.

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