COVID-19: How we’ve adapted for your safety

We are committed to maintaining our clients’ safety during the pandemic. We continue to offer employee wellbeing services for companies, online and on-site.  Learn what services are available below, or contact us for more information.

Online services

Most of our services are now available online and can be made available to co-workers and employees, wherever they are in the world. Our online wellbeing services have been expanded to include yoga and fitness classes, meditation, workshops, mental health training, mindfulness, nutrition and one to one consultations.

At your workplace

Depending on the government guidelines in your area, many of our services (excluding Employee Health Checks) are available at your place of work including classes, massages and workshops. All of our onsite services follow new safety measures including the use of social distancing, PPE, and sanitisation.

How our online services have been adapted

Online streaming has allowed us to work with people in all parts of the world. No matter whether your team is working from a bedroom or a beach, our online services allow you to care for their physical, emotional and mental health during times of difficulty and struggle.

Our online services are easy to organise and allow your staff to remain safely in their own environment. They are the best way to comply with government regulations and still accomplish the goal of promoting employee wellbeing.

On-site precautions against COVID-19

All of our team have received appropriate training, and any that visit your workplace will follow the safety precautions set out in the government guidelines, plus any additional procedures you have put in place. Our team have undergone training and will be enforcing social distancing, use of PPE, and sanitisation of any surfaces that come into contact with people.

Our therapists, teachers and trainers will follow the safety measures put in place on site including procedures, social distance, sanitising office areas, providing hand sanitizer stations, and sufficient space for appointments to be conducted whilst respecting distance.

Our massage therapists have undergone an online Health, safety and Hygiene Returning to Work Covid-19 course. Therapists will wear face visors and sanitise equipment after each client. For yoga and classes social distance is in place and mats are provided by each participant. During workshops, social distancing is in place between participants and the trainer. No physical handouts are provided, but they are sent online instead.

Joyful Living practitioners are expected and participants are expected to follow all government guidelines. This includes communicating and self-isolating if they have developed COVID-19 symptoms. Should a practitioner be unable to attend, we will arrange for a replacement or re-arrange if necessary.

Have any questions about the services we can provide?

We understand that different restrictions in different parts of the world makes it confusing as to what services will be available. If you’re unsure, simply fill out the form below, including where you’re located, and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can help.

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