How to beat Blue Monday

All the excitement of Christmas and New Year is quickly becoming a distant memory.  The decorations are down, the nights out and celebrations are over, and the normal routine of the working week is now back in full swing.

Add to that the dark mornings, 4pm sunset and the rubbish weather, it’s no wonder that January is seen by many as one of the more depressing months and that, Blue Monday, the supposedly most depressing day of the year, falls later in the month on the 20th Jan.

While we can joke about it, there really is some science behind Blue Monday, and the mental wellbeing of your employees is certainly no laughing matter.  So, what can you do as an employer to make the long month of January easier for those in your charge?

  1. Say thank you – it sounds simple, but a simple thank you, can go along way. Feeling that their work, time and effort is appreciated and valued will put your staff in a positive frame of mind.
  2. Think about wellbeing – being healthier both physically and mentally is often high up on many people’s New Year resolutions. You can help this by promoting a healthy workplace.  Running wellbeing initiatives from yoga classes to workshops on stress management and nutrition.
  3. Motivation – there is always going to be a bit of a slump after the excitement of Christmas. To help give staff the motivation and drive to attack January head on why not run a staff incentive. It needn’t be anything complicated with expensive prizes.  A late start or an early finish will be as valued as bottle of wine or box of chocolates.  It will help to bring a fun and hopefully, positive attitude to the office.
  4. Something to look forward to – it’s always good to have something to look forward to in your diary. Why not organise a social event, be it after work drinks, or a team lunch on pay day.  End the month on a high.

While it won’t help improve everyone’s mood and remove the impact of Blue Monday, these simple initiatives can help lift the spirits in the office and give your employees the boost they need.

If you have any wellbeing requirements, whether it’s a one-off workshop, massage sessions or a more comprehensive wellbeing programme.  Please get in touch.

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