What is good mental health?

Good mental health is something everyone should strive for. A person with good mental health is more likely to stay positive, feel more energetic, and potentially make better choices etc. The benefits are numerous. As the charity, Good Mental Health Foundation states, ‘Having good mental health makes life easier.’

Good mental health can be achieved by good diet, exercise and on occasion, with the help of medical assistance via prescribed medication and specific counselling. But exercise can be hugely beneficial, with Joe Wicks, the body coach who kept the country fit during the coronavirus epidemic, stating that ‘If you look at exercise from a mental health perspective, the body will follow.’ (The Guardian) But life has its challenges and difficulties, including stresses and pressures of work, and how these stresses are dealt with is so important. As the charity, Mental Health UK state, ‘Taking time to identify the emotional and mental pressures in our lives and addressing them is a good way to understand and protect our mental health.’

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

It is not simply a responsibility for employers to consider the wellbeing of their staff, but a requirement, as noted by The Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association, who state that ‘Employers are required by law to protect employee’s health at work.’ Employers should have procedures in place that ensures their supervisors at managerial level are fully trained in how to look out for their staff. Corporations should shape their wellbeing programs by taking into consideration that ‘Adopting an organisational approach to employee wellbeing carries with it distinct responsibilities for particular employee groups.’ (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) Making sure the wellbeing course is tailored to the individual needs of the company and that the employees are fully aware that there is a proper wellbeing program in place, should they need it, is important.

Mental Health Awareness for Employees

If the company has decent wellbeing practices in place, then the employees should feel that the lines of communication are open for them to voice any concerns or raise any personal issues. These employees should then feel the benefit from the range of support available, in ‘an environment that actively promotes a state of contentment, benefiting both employees and the organisation.’ (CIPD)

Employees could also work alongside their employer by being aware of colleagues around them and reaching out/raising any concerns where/when necessary, highlighting the notion that to ‘gain real benefit, employee wellbeing priorities must be integrated throughout an organisation, embedded in its culture, leadership and people management.’ (CIPD)

Examples of Mental Health Workshops and their benefits

There are many examples of mental health workshops available for the workplace, often via external companies. Joyful Living, for example, offer a wide range of workshops that suit the individual needs of the company. By working closely with the company, bespoke programs can be created that offer events such as, but not limited to –

  • Working from Home Support Workshops
  • Psychology Talks
  • Team Building Services and Creativity Workshops
  • Employee Health Checks
  • Smoothie Bikes

See our Wellbeing Workshop page for more details



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