Team Building With Yoga

You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Department Heads and HR Departments are always looking for fun new ways for teams to bond and work together to achieve great things. Whilst Yoga isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination it is fairly new in terms of being used this way and it works well on many levels.


Yoga is excellent for lowering stress levels. This is beneficial for your staff on a personal level and a professional level. Lower stress levels are known to increase performance. Your staff will function better individually and even more so in a team environment. After all, one short-tempered team member can change the whole mood in an office and affect everyone’s performance.


As your employees get to grips with different poses their confidence grows. We find that participants encourage each other and at the end of the session celebrate their achievement together.

Working Together

Yoga is not all about individual poses. In our sessions, we can include poses that can only be achieved by working with a partner. We can even take this further and create a series of pose-challenges that require a whole team to move across the space in a fluid movement. There is nothing like being up, and personal to really encourage team-work!


As mentioned above, some poses can only be undertaken by relying on another person. For these poses the participants have to put their trust in someone else. Doing this allows them to open up to the idea of trust, giving them the push they need to feel it safe to share ideas or ask for help in the work environment.

Shared Experience

One the sessions we run is laughter yoga. It’s a unique session combining laughing and expression exercises with yogic breathing. Laughter yoga induces better oxygenation, release of endorphins, release of negative thoughts and emotions. It promotes the ability to stay in positive mental state despite all challenges and is ideal for team bonding and boosting the atmosphere at work. Watching a colleague pull a variety of faces removes the barriers and brings participants together on a shared experience.


Finally, aside from being excellent for team-building, yoga has many health benefits – from increased flexibility to improved posture to increased muscle strength.
Our yoga workshops and classes are custom-made to fit the needs of each of our clients. Whether it’s a one-off team-building day, or ongoing team building through a regular weekly class.

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