Employee Health Screenings

Health screenings are highly beneficial to monitor an individual’s health and they offer lasting benefits to companies, as a healthy workforce means higher productivity and reduced costs from sick days and absenteeism.

At Joyful Living we use health screenings as individual services or as part of a yearly wellbeing strategy to evaluate the progress made by using our wellbeing services.

What Our Sessions Include 

Delivered by our experienced lifestyle coaches, they typically comprise:

Physical Measurements

Blood Pressure
Resting Heart Rate
Body Fat


Total Cholesterol
Blood Glucose
CVD Risk

Lifestyle Review

Nutrition 1-10 scale
Stress 1-10 scale
Sleep 1-10 scale
Activity in work
Activity in recreation
Activity plan/ schedule
Alcohol / addiction
Smoking/ vapings
Bespoke Diet Planning 

Tailored to You 

The health screening sessions can be tailored on the client’s needs and various services can be included.
Sessions vary from 20 to 30 minutes depending on the service chosen. Each employee will get a copy to keep for themselves and receives recommendations based on their results.

Employee health screenings are used as part of Company Wellbeing Programmes.

For more information and to discuss Employee Health Screenings at your workplace contact us on 020 3691 9420 or info@joyful-living.co


Happy Customer

  • “Joyful-Living is the most reliable service to arrange wellbeing activities. We used them to deliver health screenings, yoga, massage and mindfulness. They always find a way to deliver a high-quality event. Highly recommended!!!

     Giulia Ferrari – Office Manager, Houzz

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