Employee Wellness Programmes/Strategies

Companies today understand that looking after their best asset, employees, is a very important part of making their business successful. Having an employee wellbeing programme at work helps increase productivity, reduce costs and attract the best staff.

At Joyful Living we help devise bespoke strategies for each company’s needs. From Massage to Yoga, informative workshops, Mindfulness and much more, we deliver a consistent programme that aims to transform your Office Wellbeing


• Boost team morale and productivity
• Build company appreciation and loyalty
• Prevent stress and injuries
• Reduce costs for absenteeism and recruitment

Our Programmes

• Participatory and inclusive
• Easy to manage
• Prevent stress and injuries
• Clear return on investment

Tailored Service

• Tailored on each client’s needs
• Major discounts on our list of services

Need more information?  Contact us on 020 3691 9420 or info@joyful-living.co to plan
your Employee Wellness Programme.


Case Study

  • We have set up a wellbeing strategy for Network Homes for the fourth year. The management have made a priority to promote employee wellbeing as part of their company strategy. Starting from successful massage days in their 3 offices, we now provide regular Onsite Chair massage, weekly Yoga classes and Mindfulness.

    Employees have attended our 8-week Mindfulness at work course and due to excellent feedback they have decide to repeat the course every year, as well as have regular mindfulness classes to keep their practice going.

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