Corporate Wellbeing Days

If you are thinking of organising a wellbeing day or week for your company, at Joyful Living we help you make it a success. Our wellbeing days are packed with activities to boost employees’ health and morale, from massage to fitness classes, workshops, beauty and more, with packages available for any team size or preference.

Benefits of wellbeing days and weeks

Wellbeing days at work can have a hugely positive impact on employees’ all-around attitude and mentality and are one of the most popular methods of encouraging employees to consider their health and wellbeing, helping:

  • Promote a wellbeing culture at work
  • Boost team morale and productivity
  • Promote engagement
  • Build company appreciation and loyalty


Onsite Chair Massage in the Office

As part of your employee wellbeing strategy or as a one-off event to promote awareness, you can show your employees that you are dedicated to enhancing their wellbeing!                     


A wide host of activities for your Wellbeing Days

At Joyful Living you can choose among more than a hundred sessions. The wellbeing activities offered throughout the day are specifically designed to improve both mental and physical wellbeing and they are widely appreciated in fast-paced work environments, leaving employees feeling relaxed and refocused.

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Sample of Wellbeing Day

10:00amYoga Class
12:00pmNutrition workshop with healthy snack preparation
15:00pmMindfulness Workshop
  • Onsite massages
  • Smoothie bikes
  • Manicure
  • Health checks

Health Checks Service

On your wellbeing day we can offer a health checks service. Our experts will perform several tests on each person, including:

  • Physical Measurements
  • Bloods
  • Lifestyle review

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Experts at delivering wellbeing

Since 2012 at Joyful Living we have worked successfully with hundreds of clients, organising wellbeing days and events for all sized businesses across a wide range of industries.

  • "Working in a busy customer service setting, the staff are always very happy to have our massage therapists coming for the day and appreciative for the treat, feeling relaxed and cheerful afterward. A great morale booster for their day!"

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