Mental Health First Aid Training

The benefits of having a Mental Health First Aider

Mental Health First Aid TrainingWith a fully qualified designated Mental Health First Aider in place your business will be ideally positioned to promote mental health at work. With the proper training that our workshops and programs can offer, your team of Mental Health First Aiders will be able to spot colleagues who are facing problems, and intervene to prevent them from escalating further.

This allows you not only to keep a healthy workplace environment, but to  support individuals before they are forced to take time off, saving financial costs and human potential.

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  • "Sharon was excellent, very knowledgeable and professional throughout the MHFA programme. The customer service and overall communication from Joyful Living was also first-rate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this programme."

    Helen Holde - HR Manager - Scotland Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about our Mental Health First Aid Training – you can find even more FAQs in our full FAQs section.

  • Q. What is mental health first aid course

    A mental health first aid course is a training designed to help participants learn about mental health issues and equip them with the skills to support others experiencing crises or ongoing mental ill-health. It suits individuals who want to undergo the training, but it’s especially used by companies who want to train some of their employees as mental first aiders to be able to assist their colleagues in need. In this way companies guarantee mental health support for their employees, following health and safety at work and government guidelines on mental health in the workplace.

  • Q. Who is it for?

    The MFHA training Joyful Living provides is specifically for companies, with a minimum of 4 participants per company.

    The course is for any member of staff selected to become Mental Health First Aiders within the company, regardless of whether they are team members or management.

    Everyone can benefit from Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA)! Our courses are created so that you don’t need any prior understanding of mental health, much like a first aid course doesn’t require any prior medical expertise.

    We would suggest MHFA training to everyone, just as having a basic understanding of physical first aid is a good thing.

  • Q. Does Mental Health First Aid training work?

    We think that MHFA training is an important component of a well-integrated mental health care system. Each of our courses is based on research and produced by mental health specialists in collaboration with people who have lived with mental illness.

    The usefulness of MHFA training in England and around the world has been repeatedly established via research and evaluation. In our case studies, you may also learn about the impact of our training on a variety of organisations.

  • Q. How to become a mental health first aider?

    A Mental Health First Aid Training course is required to become a Mental Health First Aider. This course will teach employees how to recognise warning signs of mental illness and how to help co-workers in need both during crises and after they have recovered. This course will help you:

    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness.
    • Initially assist people who are in need.
    • A guide to getting the right expert aid.
    • Learn to take care of your own mental health.

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