Corporate Desk Massage

Desk Massage is a short and convenient treatment, suitable to very busy work environments, where there are no breaks or space for equipment and having a massage delivered to your desk is the ideal solution. Desk massage focuses on relieving tension in your neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands whilst remaining seated at your desk, helping to alleviate aching muscles from prolonged periods of sitting and working on computers.

Corporate Massage Company

Benefits of a Desk Massage at Work

  • Relieve immediate stress
  • Ease muscular tension in neck, back and shoulders
  • Improve circulation
  • Help prevent RSI
  • Release endorphins, helping boost morale
  • Increase productivity by reducing sick days and improving employee well-being

Office relaxation with minimal disruption

  • It is the least disruptive treatment, for busy employees who cannot leave their desk
  • It requires no equipment or space
  • Delivered at employees’ preferred time
  • There is no need to remove items of clothing and no oils are used

How Many Treatments?

Time10 Minutes15 Minutes
3 Hours18 people12 People
4 Hours24 People16 People
6 Hours36 People24 People

How to organise one?

  • Call us to tell us how many hours
  • We send one or more therapists
  • Therapists bring all equipment
  • All office massage therapists are fully qualified and insured
  • We deliver to your office or event

What areas we cover?

With Joyful Living organising massage in your office comes easy.

With our a network of 200+ fully qualified and insured, hand-picked therapists, we can deliver desk massage nationwide, in major cities and towns and even outside.

Contact us to check our availability for your location.



Interested in a Office Desk Massage?

Desk massage brings physical and mental relaxation to the workplace, boosting team morale and driving engagement.

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  • "Everyone was delighted with the treat and commented on the excellence of Sam’s massage. People are now asking for this service every week so expect to hear from us very soon. Sincere thanks again to you and all the team."

    Patsy Stanbridge – BP UK

  • "Nisha from Joyful Living was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me plan and deliver a very successful Stress Management campaign to my company with desk massages"

    Rachel Office Manager from One Manchester

  • "Amazing desk massage and great feedback from our team can’t wait to have you back"

    Hassan from Secondhome

Why Book A Desk Massage At Work

For busy office environments,  massage might be disrupting the work schedule. A seated desk massage instead, allows employees to have a massage seated at their desk, whilst they can still be on the phone or using their computer. This is ideal for working environments when employees cannot take much time off, literally they cannot be away from their desk, like busy call centres.

Seated desk massages are also beneficial for mental health, helping to reduce work-related stress, anxiety, and depression.

The treatment still focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, and especially arms to give people a good release of tension in the forearms. Even a short treatment helps employees feel more relaxed physically and mentally.

The duration is usually slightly shorter than chair massage, 10 minutes. This is ideal for offices with a large number of staff, allowing multiple therapists to cover hundreds of employees in a day. Since therapists have no equipment, they can move around office floors and cover different departments.

When To Have A Desk Massage

  • Regularly for long-term benefits, weekly or monthly
  • Treat your team during extra busy times to reduce stress and boost morale
  • Reward staff after reaching targets
  • Include in employee bonus packages
  • As part of corporate wellbeing events

Why Choose Joyful Living

Joyful Living is a leader in corporate massage and employee wellbeing in the UK. We have experience working with thousands of corporate clients of any size and industry, including national and multinational businesses and some of the UK’s best 100 companies. We offer the most comprehensive range of employee wellbeing services, all under one umbrella, and we are proud to offer top customer service and efficiency. 

  • Established and reliable
  • Experience with any industry and type of event
  • Efficient organisation and delivery
  • All safety procedures in place
  • Excellent therapists selected
  • Top customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about our massage service – you can find even more FAQs in our full FAQs section.

  • Q. Do massage therapists bring any equipment?

    For Desk Massage no massage chair is needed, but therapists will bring all the other necessary equipment, including a medical consultation form and antibacterial hand gel to sanitise hands and chair between treatments. Under Covid-19 all therapists follow safety procedures, including extra cleaning and wearing a visor.

  • Q. What do I need to provide?

    No space or preparation is required. Desk Massage is convenient and practical.

  • Q. What happens in an office desk massage?

    A therapist arrives 20 minutes before their start time to receive instructions from the host and get ready. Our therapists will move around the office massaging employees at their desk. Just make the therapist aware of any areas of discomfort and you will soon feel relieved of tension in neck, shoulders, hands and wrists.

  • Q. How do I organise an office desk massage?

    Contact us to tell us about your requirements and we organise the rest. On the day you will just need to greet the therapist when they arrive and provide instructions on how to structure their work over the day or over the various office departments.

  • Q. How many treatments can be done in a day?

    Up to 36×10-minute treatments in a 6-hour day, per therapist.

  • Q. Are massage therapists qualified and insured?

    All our therapists are qualified and insured in multiple techniques, members of Professional Bodies and with years of experience. We also make sure all therapists are professional and personable.

  • Q. How much do you charge for office Desk Massages?

    The cost of our desk massages varies according to the length of the treatments and the number of employees who would benefit from them. Get in touch to find out more about our prices.

  • Q. How often should a Desk Massage be booked?

    Companies typically schedule a massage therapist to come to the workplace and spend all day once a month or biweekly. It also relies on the number of employees in the firm.

    Please contact or email us with your requirements so that we can tailor something to your specific needs.

  • Q. Will Desk Massages have an impact on the office?

    As we operate quietly in an empty room or a peaceful area, definitely not. Sessions are brief, lasting no more than a coffee break.


  • Q. Is there any medical condition for which Desk Massages are not advised?

    Prior to getting treatments, employees will be required to complete a brief medical questionnaire, since certain therapies are not suited for certain illnesses. During a pre-treatment consultation, your therapist will provide suitable recommendations.

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