Indian Office Head Massage

Indian Head Massage combines strokes on the shoulders and scalp and certain pressure points on the face. Calming, but reinvigorating for the nervous system, leaving employees feeling energised and better able to focus.

Benefits of Indian Office Head Massage

  • Improve circulation
  • Sooth the nervous system
  • Reduce symptoms of stress
  • It can help with tension headaches
  • Quick and convenient, Ideal for office environments

Practical Information

Indian Head Massage involves minimal disruption to the working routine, it can be given without oils at an employee’s desk in a seated position without any specialist equipment or extra space needed. Treatments usually last between 15-20 minutes per person.

How many treatments

Time15 Minutes20 Minutes30 Minutes
3 Hours12 People9 People6 People
4 Hours16 People12 People8 People
6 Hours24 People18 People12 People

Discounted rates for regular or bulk bookings or as part of a Wellbeing Day or Employee Wellness Strategy

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corporate Indian Head massage

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  • The Therapist was absolutely fabulous! She arrived promptly and put everyone at ease by explaining what she was going to do and checking at all stages that they were okay. Everyone left her massage chair feeling relaxed and looked after – I can vouch for this too :-)

    Eleanore Banton, HR Manager - Mencap

  • Q. Is an Indian head massage cost effective?

    Offering Indian head massages as an employee benefit is extremely cost-effective and has a high return on investment. Compared to organising parties or taking your team out for lunch, a desk massage is less expensive, and the benefits are much greater and long-lasting: improving employees’ physical and mental well-being, stress relief, and motivation, team spirit, and productivity.

    Offering office massage as part of corporate wellness programs makes your staff feel that your company looks after their well-being. It’s a great motivator to induce people to go to the office, boosting engagement and helping create a positive work environment.

  • Q. Do employees appreciate an Indian head massage?

    Companies offering Indian Head massage experience that employees greatly enjoy having massages. A head massage doesn’t require any effort, like a class, so it is pure relaxation. Massage induces the body to release endorphins, making employees feel positive and looked after. Most importantly, it gives them time to have a break during the day, a highly-needed space to relax and recharge, so they are empowered to perform well at work.


  • Q. How flexible is Indian Head massage?

    Indian Head massage is a very effective treatment ideal for the workplace, making it one of the most widespread employee benefits and the most common massage therapy offered at work. This is because of its exceptional versatility, in fact it is performed fully clothed and requires minimal space. Furthermore, its short duration, between 15 and 30 minutes, allows a large number of employees to take part in a session during the working day, without taking much time off work. This allows businesses to promote employee wellbeing without hindering performance and with an extremely easy organisational process.

  • Q. When is the best time to get an Indian head massage?

    • Regular treatments for long term benefits, weekly or bimonthly
    • Treat staff during extra busy times to reduce stress and boost motivation
    • As a reward after reaching targets
    • As part of employee bonus packages
    • At wellbeing days and events
    • At events to attract or reward clients
  • Q. Do therapists bring any equipment?

    For Indian Head massage, massage can be performed either at the desk or on an onsite massage chair. So, therapists might bring a massage chair and all the necessary equipment, including a medical consultation form and antibacterial hand gel to sanitise hands and chair between treatments.

  • Q. What do I need to provide?

    All you need is a small size meeting room of 3x3m or an open area of about 2x2m.

  • Q. What happens during the Indian head massage?

    A therapist arrives 20 minutes before their start time to setup. Each person is asked to fill a medical consultation form to check contraindications and discuss areas that need more attention. With any of our massages, we invite you to make your therapist aware of any problem areas of discomfort that you would like them to work on. At the end you will feel relaxed and happy.

  • Q. Are therapists qualified and insured?

    All our therapists are qualified and insured in multiple techniques, members of Professional Bodies and with years of experience. We also make sure all therapists are professional and personable.

  • Q. How do I organise an Indian head massage?

    Very simple. Call one of our consultants to know more. Once you book, you just need to choose a space in your office, then on the day greet the therapist when they arrive and provide them with a list of participants. They will do the rest.

  • Q. What are your prices?

    The cost of our corporate massages varies according to the length of the treatments and the number of employees who would benefit from them. Get in touch with us immediately to find out more about our prices.

  • Q. How often should our company book an Indian head massage?

    A massage therapist is generally scheduled to come to the office once a month or bimonthly and spend the entire day. It is also affected by the amount of personnel in the company.

    Please contact us or send us an email with your specifications so that we may design something to your unique needs.

  • Q. Will there be any disruption in the workplace?

    No, since we function silently in an empty room or a tranquil place. Sessions are only a few minutes long, no longer than a coffee break.

  • Q. Are there medical conditions for which treatment is not recommended?

    Employees will be required to complete a brief medical questionnaire prior to receiving treatments, as certain therapies are not appropriate for certain conditions.

  • Q. Why choose Joyful Living?

    Joyful Living is the leading company in office wellbeing in the UK, with experience of thousands of corporate clients and the most comprehensive offer of corporate wellbeing services. Joyful Living works with top/dynamic companies and some of the UK best 100 companies, offering excellent customer service and organisation.

    • Established and reliable
    • Wide experience of working with any type of company and event
    • Excellent customer service
    • Excellent therapists and teachers selected
    • Easy organizational process
    • Most competitive prices and discounts

How to Book

You can book and enquire via our online form or if you prefer call or email us. Our admin team will assist you at all stages of your booking. Our therapists will come to your office or workplace and deliver the massage onsite. We just need a point of contact and a schedule of appointments.


Our Therapists

All our therapists are fully qualified and insured, hand-picked for skills and customer service which has led us to build outstanding reputation among our clients.

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