Mobile Massage In The Office Services

Welcome to Joyful Living, we have worked with more than 1000 massage clients since 2012 and we deliver onsite massage to offices and events all over the UK.

Mobile Office Massage Services

With 51% of long terms absences in the workplace being due to musculoskeletal injuries, such as back and neck pain, and 35.2 million working days lost to work-related ill health, office massage is the solution for businesses.

Used by more and more companies and most popular with employees, office massage can bring physical and mental relaxation to your team in just 15 minutes.

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About Office Chair Massage

A versatile and short treatment, conducted with clothes on, no use of oils and only requiring a small space, onsite massage is ideal for offices, fitting seamlessly into the working routine.

  • Focus on: neck, back, shoulders, arms and scalp
  • Duration: 15,20,30-minute slots
  • Space Required: minimal, 2×2 m
  • Hours: delivered at your preferred time.
  • Oils: no oils used and no need to remove clothes
  • Equipment: Delivered on a special, portable, ergonomic chair

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How Massages In The Workplace Benefits Employers

Extremely popular with employees, offering onsite massage at work provides numerous benefits for companies such as:

  • Boost employee morale, productivity and engagement
  • Provide incentive and reward
  • Reduce costs from injuries and absenteeism
  • Improve the company brand, helping retain and attract staff

How Workplace Massage Therapy Benefits Employees

A short, but highly effective treatment, seated acupressure massage brings physical and mental relaxation to employees, helping:

  • Relieve back, neck & shoulder tension
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost energy levels and mental clarity
  • Stimulate endorphins

How to book Massage In The Office?

  1. Contact us via email or telephone
  2. Tell us how many hours you need, date and location
  3. We will send one or more therapists to your office or event

Our therapists bring all equipment, including a massage chair. All office massage therapists are fully qualified, insured and vetted by Joyful Living

Need more information on how office massage works?

View our FAQs

Need Help to Know How Many Onsite Massage Treatments You Need?

See the table below to calculate the amount of hours needed

Time15 Minutes20 Minutes30 Minutes
3 Hours12 People9 People6 People
4 Hours16 People12 People8 People
6 Hours24 People18 People12 People

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Why choose Joyful Living

UK leaders At Office Massage

Chosen by 1000+ brands since 2012, our expertise, vast network of practitioners and our excellent customer service make us the provider of choice for corporate massage.

  • 200+ fully qualified and insured, hand-picked practitioners
  • Covering the whole UK
  • Able to cater for multiple locations and offices
  • Discounts for regular and bulk bookings
  • One stop shop for corporate wellbeing

About Us Our Clients Our Reviews

We've worked with some great companies

  • "Everyone loved the massages – and great feedback from the team. We will definitely book again"

    Sally Ann Roberts, Hr Manager, Go Compare

  • "The massage was really good. We all found it very effective and therapeutic. The masseuse said she was able to untangle the tight "knots" on our necks and shoulders. Very relaxing."

    Peter Byard, General Manager, Holiday Inn

  • "The Therapist was absolutely fabulous! She arrived prompt and put everyone at ease. Everyone left her massage chair feeling relaxed and looked after – I can vouch for this too"

    Eleanore Banton, HR Manager, Mencap

  • "Incredible turnaround and service, ended up booking 5 x more days!"

    Elspeth Brown, Marketing Specialist, Octopus EV

  • "Excellent, tailored massages provided by experienced therapists. Will definitely use again!"

    Hannah Catania, Senior Operations Manager, Football Co

  • "Amazing service from Joyful Living. All the team loved the chair massages and Szymon the masseuse was really friendly. Would recommend."

    Sara Nunes, Technical and Training Administrator, Haier Erurope

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What type of massage is office chair massage?

    Office chair massage is a short massage, very common in offices or at events, performed on a special ergonomic chair, without the use of oils or the need to get undressed.

    Chair massage uses a mix of techniques to relieve the areas most commonly affected by tension in office workers: neck, back, shoulders, arms, and scalp. The techniques can be traced back to other massage types, like effleurage, kneading, friction and stretches.

    The influence of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Tuina, Thai or Sports techniques can be seen, in fact some chair massage types are also called seated acupressure. However, it’s a unique technique which aims to maximize the benefits for the client, addressing tension in a brief massage. Nevertheless, in a short time chair massage manages to leave a client relaxed and energised.

  • Q. How long is a chair massage?

    You can choose between 15, 20 or 30-minute slots. For specific situations, like events or busy working environments, it can be shorter (10 minutes).

  • Q. Why companies book a massage in the workplace?

    With 51% of long terms absences in the workplace being due to musculoskeletal injuries, such as back and neck pain, providing some form of relief is not only a duty of care for business, but also a cost-effective investment to avoid costs from injuries and compensations. In addition massage is extremely popular and beneficial, helping boost employee productivity, team morale and retention.

    Companies might use office massage for various reasons, such as:

    • Regular treatments for long term benefits, weekly or bimonthly
    • Treat staff during extra busy times to reduce stress and boost motivation
    • As a reward after reaching targets
    • As part of employee bonus packages
    • For company wellbeing days
    • To attract or reward clients at events
  • Q. How many chair massages can you do in a day?

    At Joyful Living we usually do a maximum of 6 hours of effective massage time a day, which is 24 x 15-minute slots or 18 x 20-minute slots per therapists. We can sometimes do 26x 15-minute slots and 20 x 20-minute slots.

    If you have a high number of employees we can send several therapists. We have 200+ therapist in our network, so we can easily accommodate big bookings.

    We tend not to do longer hours, for health and safety, to avoid injuries to therapists. In this respect, we also factor in breaks for therapists every 2 hours of work, which are free of charge for clients.

    The massage time we charge is also effective massage time. An advertised 8-hour massage puts therapists at risk of being injured and it won’t be effective massage time, probably including breaks and turnover in between clients.

  • Q. What locations do you cover?

    At Joyful Living we deliver onsite massage UK wide. From the main cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff, to all towns and even areas outside.

    Contact us to check if we cover your area, we most likely do. 0203 6919 420

  • Q. Will massage therapists bring all the necessary equipment?

    Yes, therapists bring a massage chair and all the necessary equipment, including a medical consultation form and antibacterial hand gel to sanitise hands and chair between treatments.

  • Q. What do I need to provide after booking a massage in the office?

    All you need after booking an office massage is to provide a small size meeting room or an open area of about 2m x 2m, where therapists can set-up the chair and perform the massage.

    We will also ask to have a point of contact who can greet the therapist on the day and provide them with a schedule of the bookings.

  • Q. What happens during the massage?

    A therapist arrives 20 minutes before their start time to set up. Before the massage each person is asked to fill out a medical consultation form to check contraindications and discuss areas that need more attention. With any of our massages, we invite you to inform your therapist of any problem areas of discomfort that you would like them to work on.

    Typically a massage would start with the back, then proceed to shoulders, arms and neck, continuing with scalp massage to relieve mental tension and finishing with stretches. At the end of a treatment therapists will also be able to offer aftercare advice and advise on suitable stretches and exercises.

    Music might be played to create a relaxing environment.

    Massage will leave each client physically and mental relaxed.

  • Q. Is chair massage ok during pregnancy?

    Chair massage is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimester massage is allowed, the therapist can modify the technique, for example performing the massage from a seated position, rather than a reclined one to avoid pressing on the abdomen, or focusing more on shoulders, neck, arms and scalp.

  • Q. Are therapists qualified and insured?

    All our corporate massage therapists are qualified and insured in multiple techniques, members of Professional Bodies and with years of experience.

  • Q. How do you guarantee the quality of your therapists?

    All therapist at Joyful Living go through a vetting process. Not only do we check their insurance, qualifications and work experience, we also look for customer service skills and professional attitude, to give our clients the best service. Having been complementary therapists ourselves we know the industry and the skills needed and we can source the best therapists.

  • Q. What are your prices?

    The cost of our office massages varies according to the length of the treatments and the number of employees who would benefit from them. Get in touch with us immediately to find out more about our prices.

  • Q. Do you offer discounts?

    Definitely, for regular or bulk bookings we offer discounts, please get in touch with us to request a quote.

  • Q. How often is it advisable book office massages?

    It depends on the company’s preferences. A corporate massage at least once a month is a great incentive for employees. Weekly, biweekly, and, in some cases, daily massages are guaranteed to have lasting benefits in reducing physical tension and stress and greatly boosting employee motivation.

    Please contact us or send us an email with your specifications so that we may design something to your unique needs.

  • Q. Will there be any disruption in the workplace?

    No, each employee can choose a time slot convenient to their schedule. Sessions are only 15-20 minutes long, no longer than a coffee break. Corporate massages are delivered quietly in an empty room or a tranquil place, without disrupting the office environment.

    Chair massage is performed fully clothed and without oils, so after their slot employees are ready to go back to their work.

    Being so convenient and versatile, this allows businesses to promote employee wellbeing without hindering performance and with an extremely easy organisational process. In fact, organising office massages is extremely quick and easy.

  • Q. Is there a medical condition for which treatment is not recommended?

    Employees must complete a brief medical questionnaire before receiving treatments, as certain therapies are not appropriate for certain conditions.

  • Q. Who do you work with?

    We work with clients from any industry and size. Since 2012 we have been chosen by 1000+ brands for any type of booking, from a one-off few hours of massage to bulk bookings of 20 therapists, clients with multiple offices, festivals and corporate events. Check our Clients page

  • Q. Are office massages cost effective?

    Most companies in cities like London and others use office massage to destress and motivate staff. Offering a massage in the office as a corporate benefit is cheaper than organising parties and corporate events or taking your team out for lunch.

  • Q. Is workplace massage a popular employee benefit?

    Companies offering corporate chair massages find that employee feedback is always extremely positive. A massage doesn’t require any effort, so it is pure relaxation. Massage induces the body to release endorphins, making employees feel positive and looked after.

  • Q. What other types of massage in the office do you offer?

    For corporate treatments, we also offer desk massage and Indian Head Massage. Desk massage is a shorter treatment, usually 10 minutes long, performed at people’s desks rather than on massage chairs. For this reason, it’s particularly suitable for busy workplaces—such as call centers—where employees cannot be away from their desks for long. In offices or at events, we also offer other massages, like sports, Swedish, or reflexology.

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