One to One Wellbeing Programmes

When delivering corporate wellbeing services, not everything can be dealt with by a generic group session, some services need an individual approach. That’s why we offer one to one wellbeing sessions to allow for a focused and bespoke service that delivers exactly what the individual needs.

From counselling to coaching or financial wellbeing, our one to one services give your employees the flexibility and level of attention to promote their wellbeing in an effective way.

Financial Wellbeing

When people discuss wellbeing, they’re often talking about important issues like mental and physical health, but the truth is there are material factors that can affect our wellbeing. One of the most common areas of concern in people’s lives is their finances. If we have money troubles it can affect every area of our lives, so it’s important to ensure that your team know how to handle their finances. Our financial wellbeing sessions can teach your employees everything they need to know to keep their finances secure, and how to handle the emotional element aspects of managing them.


Our corporate counselling services give your employees a safe space where they can talk and discuss the issues that they’re facing in their day to day lives. All our counselling sessions are private and held by trained professionals who are qualified to help your team members deal with the challenges in their lives.

Nutrition Advice

A healthy lifestyle can be made or destroyed in the kitchen. Without the knowledge on how to create a nutritious and healthy diet your employees can be damaging their short and long-term health. Our corporate one to one nutrition sessions teach your employees everything they need to improve their nutritional habits. This will not just boost their health and wellbeing and quality of life, but also their productivity and energy levels at work, leading to a healthier, happier workforce.

Executive Coaching

When you’re looking to build a culture where all your employees can flourish, executive coaching is a fantastic tool to keep in your arsenal. One-to-one tutoring and mentoring sessions allow your team to get personalised advice and guidance on the issues that they need to work on. Executive coaching sessions provide the clarity, confidence and leadership skills that can boost employee performance and create an environment where everyone prospers.

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