Reduce Business Carbon Footprint Workshop

When people think about “going green” or reducing their carbon footprint they tend to think they can’t do it without a major change to their preferred lifestyle. Instead, simple changes at home can potentially half their personal carbon footprint without changing their whole lives. This workshop will share ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a wider change.

​​​Delivered Online

This workshop is run online, read below for further details.

  • Number of Participants


  • Duration 

    60 minutes

  • Format and Delivery

    Online webinar, presentation delivered live through Zoom’s or company preferred video software. It allows everyone to participate and ask questions along the way. A link is shared with participants beforehand.

  • Material Available

    Hints and Tips post-presentation

  • Equipment Needed

    Internet access, computer or other device.

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What are the Benefits?

Attendees will be armed with changes they can personally make which will individually and collectively have a huge impact on carbon footprints and information to share with others to further increase the benefit.

​Our Trainer

Clare Searle, Simplicity coach and Chief Strategy Officer of Greener and Cleaner UK

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