Nutrition for Mental Health

Mental health is so important for our wellbeing and as well as our hormones, even our nutrition is extremely impactful on it. This workshop will explain why nutrition affects mental health, how ailments such as diabetes can affect our brain and how to heal from within. We will also discuss lifestyle tips such as breath work to promote calm and managing anxiety

​​​Delivered Online and Onsite

Our workshops can be run both online and in person, read below for details about the different options.

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  • Number of Participants

    Up to 100

  • Duration 

    60 minutes

  • Accessibility


  • Format and Delivery

    Webinar. Delivered live through Zoom’s or company preferred video software. It allows everyone to participate and ask questions along the way. A link is shared with participants beforehand.

  • Material Available

    Slides and relevant information hand-outs for participants

  • Equipment Needed

    Internet access, computer or other device.

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​Our Trainers

Professional nutritionists, fully qualified and insured.

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