Body language Training for Business

This workshop helps promote awareness among your employees about how they communicate: learn how to express their truth, how to be seen and heard, how to listen and see others, all in an empowering way. After this workshop, employees will become more effective at communicating in a positive way, boosting team dynamics.

​​​Delivered Online and Onsite

Our workshops can be run both online and in person, read below for details about the different options.

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  • Number of Participants

    Up to 100

  • Duration 

    60 minutes

  • Accessibility


  • Format and Delivery

    Visual presentation and practical exercises.

    Delivered live through Zoom’s or company preferred video software. It allows everyone to participate and ask questions along the way. A link is shared with participants beforehand.

  • Material Available

    Slides or relevant information handouts for participants.

  • Equipment Needed

    Internet access, computer or other device.

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What are the Benefits?

Participants will feel empowered to use their unique physicality and voice as their strongest vessels of positive communication. They will learn how to speak their truth and how to set firm and clear boundaries. Developing good communication skills promotes personal wellbeing and boosts team dynamics in the workplace, aiding productivity and quality of life at work.

​Our Trainers

Our workshops presenters are experts in their field, fully qualified and insured, with extensive experience at delivering workshops for corporate clients nationally and internationally. Their quality is reflected in the excellent feedback we receive. Enquire now to know more about the trainer.

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