Working From Home With Children & Teens

Working from home with children around can be hard and at a deeper level, anxiety and stress can ramp up. During this workshop we will offer practical solutions for managing the situation with children/teens studying or playing while we work from home, hence looking after the wellbeing of both and helping your team go through their working day more effectively.

​​​Delivered Online

This workshop is run online, read below for further details.

  • Number of Participants

    Up to 100

  • Duration 

    60 minutes, customisable

  • Format and Delivery

    Visual presentation and practical exercises.

    Webinar. Delivered live through Zoom’s or company preferred video software. It allows everyone to participate and ask questions along the way. A link is shared with participants beforehand.

  • Accessibility


  • Material Available

    Slides and relevant information handouts for participants

  • Equipment Needed

    Internet access, computer or other device.

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What are the Benefits?

Helping children manage their emotions or anxieties will enable employees to work more effectively from home. There will be interactive exercises which will give workers the skills to manage feelings of overwhelm, difficulty and frustration and access some space of calm for themselves. We will also include simple practices which can be used with children and teenagers to improve focus and deal with their own anxieties as the world shifts around them.

​Our Trainers

All our workshop presenters are experts in their field, fully qualified and insured, with extensive experience at delivering workshops for corporate clients nationally and internationally. Their quality is reflected in the excellent feedback we receive. Enquire now to know more about the trainer.

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