Workstation Posture Assessment

Poor posture and inadequate workstation settings are responsible for a high number of muscular-skeletal conditions and financial costs for businesses. With a workstation assessment, employees will be able to have access to the right information to adopt correct habits and improve their physical wellbeing, reducing the risk of muscular-skeletal issues.

​​​Delivered Online

This workshop is run online, read below for further details.

  • Number of Participants

    Minimum 3, it covers 10 people over half day and 16 over a full day.

  • Duration 

    The full assessment will take up to 30 minutes to complete including time to discuss any issues/injuries that may be present.

  • Format and Delivery

    One to one workstation assessment, online, through Zoom or company preferred video software.

    Virtual desk assessments can be done from the comfort of your home or office as long as you have a good camera, so the assessor can see and analyse your desk set up. It’s preferable that you have someone with you or be able to set your camera up at differing angles for a proper assessment.

  • Equipment Needed

    Internet access, computer or other device.

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What are the Benefits?

To business, having a working environment supportive of their employees’ physical health, means having healthy and happy employees, improving performance and avoiding the risk of injuries and costs from sickness and compensations.

​Our Trainers

A Dr. chiropractor, DC, BA, MSc (chiropractor, mobility specialist & functional medicine practitioner). Enquire now to know more about the trainer.

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