Corporate Meditation Classes

Meditation classes in the workplace are ideal to reduce employee stress, help relax and find mental clarity. Our meditation classes will help you do just that.

Unwind the Mind

At Joyful living we offer a range of guided meditation practises. From body scans, breath awareness, Nidra, focused attention, visualisations and reflections, they are based on mindfulness, hence strengthening awareness of participants inner’ world, and their reactions to it.

Classes are adapted to participants’ needs, with some geared more on a promoting immediate relaxation, resilience or focus and others geared towards a long-term practise, offering the opportunity to build on participants’ mindfulness skills week on week.


Meditation brings development of calm, clarity, and concentration, an antidote to stress and beneficial for the whole mental wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

  • Lower blood pressure, improve breathing, slow heartbeat
  • Reduce anxiety and Stress
  • Boost emotional stability and resilience
  • Improve clarity, focus and peace of mind
  • Develop a positive outlook and ability to cope with stress

Delivered Online and Onsite

Duration30, 45, 60 minutes
Participants50 in person socially distanced and 100 online
AvailableEvening, lunchtime, or anytime at Joyful Living we can run sessions whenever is best for you.
Suitable forall levels, both beginners and experts are made to feel welcome
FormatA class starts with an introduction to the topic and the format of the class, followed by 2 ways to experience the theme of the practise on that day. There is time in-between for questions and sharing as well as at the end. Most practises can be done seated, although when appropriate there’s the option of lying down. Participants can expect a welcoming environment.
Delivery: Onsite and OnlineOnsite classes are delivered at your premises or event. Online classes are performed on Zoom. We will send a link to participants to be able to attend the class, they just need access to the internet and a computer device.
Our teachersFully qualified and insured yoga teachers with extensive experience. See some of our Yoga teachers
AccessibleWorldwide online
Our teachersFully qualified and insured, with extensive experience

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