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A financial technology company based in London

Checkout.com have a worldwide team in a fast-paced environment. They have a team covering over 15 international offices, supporting thousands of businesses around the world, partnering with everyone from startups to global superbrands, processing payments in over 150 currencies.


The Challenge

Checkout had been a client of Joyful Living for 3 years, when they used to have regular yoga classes to help employees with fitness and mental relaxation. Like most companies, Checkout’s challenge during the pandemic has been how do we maintain employees’ overall wellbeing whilst working from home. The challenges were specifically how to promote physical and mental wellbeing, alleviate stress from a new working condition and the anxiety over new circumstances and how to keep the workforce engaged.

Joyful Living to the Rescue!

Checkout partnered with Joyful Living, who were originally their chosen instructors for the London HQ fitness and Mindfulness classes, to deliver an online virtual array of classes for the new internal wellness brand: Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Kickboxing, Dance (Zumba, ballet, Street). Joyful Living services have helped Checkout support their employees whilst working from home during the pandemic, with the team able to keep physically active and destress mentally, whilst staying engaged. Joyful Living have also delivered workshops on Sleep Health, Unlocking Creativity, Nutrition: Eating for energy, a fitness talk on exercising at home and Stress Management. Through these workshops the team has been able to gain the necessary skills on how to promote their wellbeing when working from home.

  • "Joyful Living has been extremely supportive, adaptable and attentive to every request and we look forward to seeing what they bring next!".

    Dan Proctor - Lead People Experience Specialist - Events and Wellbeing

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