About Encompass LATC

Local Trading Authority

Encompass is responsible for delivering a comprehensive range of statutory services to our community in the London Borough of Sutton and beyond. Their services include, but are not limited to: Shared Lives Care (Adult Social Care) and Support Brokerage, Homelessness Prevention including a Choice Based Lettings Scheme, Property Lettings for Landlords via our bespoke Renttl platform, Business Development and Digital Transformation Consulting.


The Challenge

Encompass LATC are a company that have employee wellbeing at the core of their ethos. Their aim is to improve employee health and wellbeing as they believe that being healthy naturally increases concentration, energy levels and output and enables employees to consistently perform at the desired level.

Joyful Living to the Rescue!

Encompass LATC has been a client for 2 years, offering regular massage and yoga to their team. They have also tried Mindfulness Introduction workshop. With the Covid-19 emergency the company has also embraced new services, such as online weekly Mindfulness classes, Pilates, Meditation and a vast range of workshops, such as Working from home with children, Maintaining mental health through covid, Positive thinking, Stress and anxiety, Relaxation and Resilience and Posture awareness.

  • "Joyful Living helped us realise this belief and enabled us to keep the offer fresh and engaging, happy to adapt to our needs at any one time even at short notice".

    Amanda Bailey - Executive Assistant to Managing Director Corporate Services

  • "I have been attending the Mindfulness sessions with Melissa for some time now. It has been a tough time for me on a personal level and these sessions have really helped me regain a bit of calm. It is a lovely "breather" in the middle of a hectic day too!."

    by Sarah

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