About Network Homes

Charitable housing association.

Network Homes provides over 20,000 affordable homes for more than 38,000 people across London and Hertfordshire. They are a not for profit organisation and reinvest in building more affordable homes and delivering services to residents. They were established over 45 years ago to support people in housing need and this remains at the heart of everything they do today. their mission is to provide safe, secure and affordable homes for as many people as possible.


The Challenge

Working in a fast-paced environment in a call centre setting, employees would face high levels of stress and high amount of muscular tension due to sitting down at a desk for long hours. In addition, the daily schedule meant that employees had little time for wellbeing activities. The physical and mental stress would not just affect personal wellbeing, but also productivity and staff retention. To counteract this Network Homes took their employee wellbeing seriously and planned a whole strategy to change the company culture.

Joyful Living to the Rescue!

Network Homes has been a client for 10 years, during which Joyful living has been delivering regular massage and yoga. Network Homes decide to attend the Mindfulness Introduction workshop and the Mindfulness 8-week course and having thoroughly enjoyed Mindfulness they decided to organise regular mindfulness classes which helped the team achieve relaxation and resilience. Joyful Living also delivered beauty at several wellbeing events.

In 2020 with the pandemic and having to move to hybrid working, Joyful living helped move all Network Homes wellbeing offerings online. This way, the company was able to reach their team, who could access wellbeing activities from different locations via laptop or mobile phone.

  • "Joyful Living have helped us with the physical and mental aspects of wellbeing, they provide weekly yoga and mindfulness classes for us which are varied and themed each week. This has helped our people destress and relax."

    Karen Parker - Learning and Talent Specialist - Network Homes

  • "Since the Mindfulness Workshop I have approached things differently with my colleagues at work and felt more patient and accepting"

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