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Software development company.

Softwire is a software development company based in London, specialists in the delivery of software consultancy and bespoke, custom-built software solutions along with offering software development training. Softwire partners up with the UK’s leading brands to drive commercial growth and organisational change. Softwire has a strong culture of employee wellbeing, in fact, it has been for several years among the best 100 companies to work for in the UK.


The Challenge

When Joyful Living started to provide their services, the company was already offering a great host of employee benefits, such as in-house chefs, music classes and yearly trips.

In terms of wellbeing needs, working in a creative capacity, undertaking intellectual work and with high pressure to perform at their best, meant employees needed a way to relax mentally and have a break from their routine. In addition, there was a need to give some physical relief from tension arising from sitting at their desk for long hours, and to counteract postural issues. The emphasis was also on boosting team morale, hence finding activities to reward the team and keep them happy and motivated.

Joyful Living to the Rescue!

Joyful Living has started providing onsite massage regularly with multiple therapists to cover the whole team. We have also organised full body massage sessions for the staff, offering Holistic, Sports, Table Thai and Reflexology treatments. Later we have introduced regular yoga classes and delivered workshops.

The onsite massage sessions have been received extremely well. The team consider our monthly sessions as a fundamental part to keep them relaxed and their morale up, after a long day of coding and solving problems. Our sessions have contributed to consolidate a strong employee wellbeing culture, helping relieve physical and mental tension, create awareness of wellbeing needs and boosting enthusiasm.

We have an ongoing and positive relationship with Softwire for the last 8 years, getting to know each of the over hundred employees personally.

  • "Our staff get the opportunity for massages two days a month, and consistently say that they are more relaxed and comfortable as a result. The therapists are friendly and attentive, tailoring the massage to the client every time. This has led them to be extremely popular, with people planning their calendar to be free so they get a slot. We would not hesitate to recommend them to individuals or businesses"

    Dominic Zeal - Softwire

  • "Joyful Living have been providing monthly massages at my workplace for over three years. They are always in high-demand: we've had to add a second day a month to keep everyone happy! I would highly recommend them".

    Hereward Mills - Developer - Softwire

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