Corporate Wellbeing Events – What is it and how can it help?

What is a Corporate Wellbeing Event?

A corporate wellbeing event is an occasion organised by the company, often with the involvement of an external company, and is set up for the benefit of their employees. The event timings can vary, from a morning tutorial to an entire weekend away. Often tailored to the individual needs of the company, they can involve off-site facilities hired for this specific event, or held on site, within the company’s premises. Corporate wellbeing events offer a plethora of benefits, both to the employer as it helps with employee positivity and staff retention, but also to the employee as they feel their wellbeing is considered and looked after.

Examples of corporate wellbeing events include ‘an employee wellbeing day to reward your team or an external event to promote your brand, such as exhibitions, product launches or conferences.’ (Joyful-Living.co)

How are Employee Wellbeing Events used in the corporate world?

By introducing Employee Wellbeing Events into the corporate world, employers are effectively highlighting to potential employees that they take the needs of their staff seriously and rank it high on their list of importance. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) it is ‘clear that there’s an implementation gap, with many organisations not yet embracing the health and wellbeing agenda to full effect,’ therefore to invest in wellbeing events offer an opportunity to benefit both the employee and employer. By hosting regular events, such as wellbeing, the company is taking a proactive step forward and that wellbeing is ‘which are now both a responsibility of good corporate citizenship and a key element of an enterprise talent strategy.’ (Deloitte Insights)

How Corporate Wellbeing Events can vary

The focus on health and wellbeing will be different depending on the company. If the role is very manual, then wellbeing events that bring in free massages, health checks and smoothie bikes, such as Joyful Living offer, would be welcomed. However, if there isn’t the opportunity for all staff to come together and benefit from such an event in person, then virtual events can be offered, ensuring inclusivity to all staff. If the role is more sedentary, for example, a desk job, then workspace assessments could be carried out, along with the introduction of physical exercise classes, such as Yoga/Pilates sessions. For example, the NHS have established a Health at Work Network where they bring ‘together 90% of the occupational health teams providing health and wellbeing services to NHS staff.’ Regular corporate events can indicate to their employees that employers provide ‘an environment that actively promotes a state of contentment, benefiting both employees and the organisation.’ (CIPD)

Why introduce Corporate Wellbeing Events into the workplace?

The benefits of Employee Wellbeing Events are twofold; one for the employee in providing a break from their day-to-day job and one for the employer in aiming for a positive and healthy workforce. NICE guidelines state that the company should ‘adopt a preventative and proactive strategic approach to mental wellbeing at work.’

Investing in corporate wellbeing events is a financial investment in the future of their company. As CIPD state, ‘good health and wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance.’



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