How To Support Mental Health At Work

Does your workplace have the appropriate measures in place to accommodate and support your mental health? With every “1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace”, prioritising the mental health of employees is not only important for the business as a whole but it is simply, necessary as no one should ever have to suffer in silence.

Are you wondering how to support mental health at work? Here at Joyful Living, we help businesses foster better health, engagement, motivation and productivity by creating working environments where individuals are fully supported. So not only can the organisations thrive, but also the individuals can thrive in both their work life and home life.

Whether it’s dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or other, explore our carefully curated guideline on how to support mental health at work and start making your organisation a more welcoming, safe, productive and happy environment.

Keep An Open Dialogue

Why keep it all bottled up when there’s a perfectly safe space to keep a constant open dialogue? It is important for employees to know that they are free to talk about their mental health openly and without shame. This is a small yet effective adjustment that can only happen if every employee is willing to maintain and work on creating an open dialogue. If you’re interested in learning some efficient tactics or methods to help kickstart an open dialogue within your organisation then feel free to explore our mental health workshop options today.

Encourage & Support ‘Mental Health Days’

Gone are the days of providing legitimate “doctor’s notes” as a reason for missing work. With mental health becoming a more common topic of conversation within the workplace, it is time to take into account, encourage and support ‘mental health days’. If the mind isn’t at its best shape then how do you expect to perform and get a particular job done? Employees need to know they have support when it comes to dealing with serious mental health issues or challenges. Having the option to take a break and reset will allow for increased productivity and greater job satisfaction.

Offer Accessible & Relevant Resources

From yoga and fitness classes to mental health workshops and more, there are plenty of positive outlets and resources to offer employees when they need it most. Exercising both the mind and body can have tremendous mental health benefits and can help keep staff engaged, active and motivated in the workplace.

Create A Mentally Healthy Workplace

With small yet effective design alterations you can create a mentally healthy work environment. Whether it’s allowing for more natural light to enter the workspace, adding more plants or enhancing the space with other positive features, creating a comfortable and calming work environment can greatly impact the mental health of employees. With hours being spent in a given working environment, it is crucial for the design to be as accommodating as possible to the employee’s mental and physical health so that they can feel energised, uplifted and inspired by their surroundings.

Always Support Each Other

Looking for ways to boost your overall company morale? It all starts with supporting each other and leaving any judgement at the door. Mental illness can be draining, challenging and seem impossible to those who are suffering with it. Therefore, having a workplace that fully supports and accommodates those challenges can help employees feel understood, appreciated, and hopeful. It is so important to always support each other, talk openly and help your employees feel like they have a clear plan of action ahead.

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Are you ready to enhance your corporate wellness strategies? Interested in learning more about how to support mental health at work? Contact our friendly team of Joyful Living experts today and further explore our services.

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