How to celebrate World Mental Health Day at work on 10 October 2023?

World Mental Health 2023: Mental Health is a Universal Human Right

World mental health day falls on Tuesday, 10th October this year. Each year, there is a varying theme and the theme for 2023 has been ‘set by the World Foundation of Mental Health, [and] is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. (Mental Health.org.uk)

Each person should feel they can climb the corporate ladder, with their employer’s and colleagues support surrounding them.  

Smashing the glass ceiling on mental health in the workplace?

When referring to business, the glass ceiling is a turn of phrase that highlights inequalities in the workplace, predominately affecting women and minorities. Various factors contribute to the social permanence of the glass ceiling, including gender roles, discrimination, sexual harassment, organisational management and psychological factors. (Indeed.com)

But what if this theory might also relate to the stigma surrounding mental health? It could be the individual’s own limitations, lack of confidence or it could be the opinions they feel management might judge them by. Or it simply might feel like mental health is not viewed in the same way therefore they individuals own bias is stopping them from attempting to progress.

But the good news is that ‘with support from your employer, you can make some changes to help manage and improve your mental health at work.’(mind.org.uk)

Why does mental health need a focus in the workplace?

The majority of the working week is spent either in the office or working from home, and with that work can come the deadlines, workload, and pressure that can build into a problem or make the employee feel like the work/life balance is off-centre. It is also the employer’s responsibility to care for their employee’s wellbeing, as, ‘Whether you have a mental health problem or not, your employer has a duty of care to you under health and safety legislation.’ (mind.org.uk)

How can companies smash the ceiling on mental health?

By introducing techniques, workshops, talks, and opening lines of communication, an employer can take steps to ‘help employees defuse self-criticism to increase self-esteem and confidence and fulfil their potential.’ (Joyful-living.co) And by making sure that managers and leadership are also trained to help their employees or step in when they feel extra support might be needed. If the stigma is removed, and the workplace is a place of inclusion and positivity, then will the notion of a mental health glass ceiling can be discounted.

The skies the limit when offering initiatives to promote good mental health.

Investing in initiatives can benefit both the employer and employee, and World Mental Health Day is a great opportunity to focus on this. Their ‘Tea and Talk’ event (https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/get-involved/events-and-fundraising/do-your-own-fundraising/tea-talk-world-mental-health-day) is a great social way to bring employees together, or companies could organise internal workshops/training/social events that focus on promoting good mental health.

Another method is to outsource to specialist companies such as Joyful Living, who are trained and have the resources to ensure that the right guidance and training is offered, and vitally, by help[ing] businesses thrive by improving team dynamics, happiness, motivation and engagement in the workplace.’

Joyful Living offer Mental Health First Aid Training, Corporate Mental Health Workshops, including Mental Health Awareness Workshops for Managers, Mental Health Awareness Workshops for Employees and Wellbeing Workshops to support mental health in the workplace.


It is important that each employee feels valued, feels that the lines of communication are open, and that their priorities are considered, rather than their workload. By offering mental health initiatives to employees, it proves to the individual that ‘You have a voice at your own company, and it’s essential to use it. By acknowledging the glass ceiling and trying to break it, you’ll empower others to do the same’ (betterup.com)

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