Time Management and Mindfulness

For us, teaching someone ‘time management’ is not about teaching staff how to manage time, but how to manage themselves so that they can manage time more effectively.

We teach this through mindfulness training. During our workshops, we show staff proven relaxation techniques to train them to focus purely on the moment and develop awareness in order to be physically and mentally relaxed. This results in several benefits related to better time management.

The Key to Getting Things Done

Learning to be present enables staff to focus on the job in hand. In today’s fast-paced world we all have long to-do lists and a hundred and one urgent jobs. Everyone wants their piece of work completed now! The key to getting through work quickly is to just think about the job being worked on, rather than letting the mind wander and worry about the next five items on the list. This slows down productivity and just leads to a feeling of stress.

Mastering concentrating on one job not only reduces the feeling of stress and overwhelm but increases productivity. Work is completed quicker not just because complete attention is being given to the task in hand, but because mindfulness can help improve problem-solving, communication and creativity. Work is not completed in isolation so being able to push it through a team of people in order to get to the end result quickly is a really useful tool to master.

Learning To Master Time

At Joyful Living, we offer a couple of options. For those that want a quick win we offer a short one-hour taster workshop. We cover a range of techniques that staff get to practice in the session. For those companies that really want to embed mindfulness into the workplace we offer an eight-week course. Each session lasts for one hour and covers a different topic along with the related mindfulness techniques. This comprehensive course enables participants to progress in their practice and acquire a broad knowledge of mindfulness skills.

Not only will mindfulness help your staff manage their time more effectively but it will impact other areas of their working day, as well as their personal wellbeing.

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