What is an online wellness program?

In the time of the coronavirus pandemic was rocking the world, suddenly the work-from-home option became a permanent state and since then, it has become a preferred way of working, at least on a shared schedule. The world was introduced to the world, and online meetings/conferences and training all became something that was considered the norm. Face-to-face meetings have been swapped for zoom calls, and the wellness world has adapted to fit into this new, online world.

Online Wellness Programs can still be adapted to suit the requirements of the company. Varying their methods, online programs can still be just as beneficial, even from the comfort of the home office. They can come in the form of 1:1 sessions, group conferences and opportunities where the individual can ‘speak openly in a safe and therapeutic environment about any personal challenges they may be facing.’ (Joyful Living)

Why should companies invest in online wellness programs?

The way that many businesses now operate since coming out of the pandemic lockdowns have changed, with hybrid offices that blend both in-house and working from home practices. People’s mindsets have changed too, with more autonomy given to employees in making their own decisions as to where their work is carried out. Companies, therefore, need to adapt their working processes, with the CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2022 showing that most ‘organisations are taking additional measures’ by ‘providing more tailored support to address individuals’ needs and concerns (81%) and new or better support for people working from home (72%)


What are the benefits and how do they work?

The benefits of online wellness programs are clear. In a world where working from home can potentially bring about isolation and loneliness, using wellness programs to bring people together virtually and connect can be seen as a positive step forward in uniting the company. It can also be an opportunity to offer the employees counselling services, offering them ‘a safe space to share their concerns’ (Joyful Living) without others noticing they are leaving their workspace as they might in an office environment. With coronavirus still being present in our lives, these programs can offer the employee a chance to offload their concerns and feel confident that their health and wellbeing are considered priority, alongside their work efforts and achievements.

Online versus in-person wellness programs

Online wellness programs are being adapted to suit a post-pandemic working environment. Having both the option of in-person and online courses offers flexibility that will suit each individual. Some might prefer the option of staying remote and not having to personally interact, whilst others thrive from physical connections. Having the option is important, and those that choose to stay at home should feel just as supported as if they were in the office, and there are courses designed for this in mind, such as The Adapting to Life after Lockdown course, run by Joyful Living, whose focus is on ‘support[ing] people working from home by teaching them how to create daily moments that bring joy, balance and vitality to mind body and spirit in order to feel more refreshed and resilient.’



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