Laughter Yoga Helps De-stress Your Employees

If you’re looking for something different to help de-stress staff and boost the atmosphere in your workplace, then laughter yoga could be the perfect solution.

Laughter yoga was developed by the Indian physician Madan Kataria in the 1990s. The principle is simple: that voluntary laughing provides the same health benefits as laughing spontaneously. Since then, it has spread and is now practiced across the globe.

A unique session, laughter yoga combines laughing and expression exercises with ypgic breathing. It is a fun way to bond team members and show them techniques that will help them destress. Relaxed employees are more focused and more productive. On top of that, there are heaps of other benefits.

Increased Energy & Wellness

Laughter yoga induces better oxygenation. Not only does better oxygenation result in more energy it also helps to lower blood pressure. In fact, some studies show that the lack of oxygen contributes towards various illnesses. Increasing oxygenation through laughing therefore has a major impact into the overall health and wellbeing of your employees. Laughing is also a good calorie burner! Just fifteen minutes of laughing can burn 40 calories.

In addition, laughing triggers the release of endorphins, otherwise known as the happy hormone. With a renewed sense of wellbeing, staff are more cheerful to each other and able to collaborate easier.

Having a sense of wellbeing reduces or eliminates the feeling of stress. Now a huge a contributor to workplace absence, reducing stress is crucial to a company’s bottom line. Therefore, reducing stress is always a good thing. Endorphins are also a natural painkiller, helping staff to manage some ailments, especially tension headaches. So you’ll not only have less stressed staff, but they’ll also feel healthier.

Teaching Laughter Yoga

We run one-off laughter workshops that provide your employees with all the techniques they need to go away and practice yoga whenever they want. The workshop is so much fun and we find that staff really bond, especially when learning the expression exercises. It’s not every day you see the person sitting opposite you pulling strange faces!

Some of our clients run laughter workshops purely for the team-building benefit, with de-stressing staff as a secondary bonus. Whatever your reason for contemplating this relatively new yoga art-form, we think it’s worth it.

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